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About Our Team

Call to learn more about EEO Network today — our committed team would be happy to assist you. Our owners both formerly worked on the state level of the EEOC, and one has extensive experience contracting with individual federal agencies which outsourced their investigation needs to others. We have a staff of experienced counselors, investigators, and attorneys located throughout the United States. Call today—our vast experience allows us to serve you properly.

Rick Standifer

Rick Standifer (founder and president of EEON) was an investigator, Supervisor of Investigations, and Director of Conciliation for the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission (a Title VII 706 Agency), and is a member of the American Arbitrator Association. He has been involved in EEO law enforcement for 40 years and has served as a Mediator for the EEOC for 20 years.

Rick Standifer maintains strict oversight of EEO Network's staff, which is responsible for the planning and implementation of all aspects of contracted EEO services to maintain the highest possible standards. EEON's attorneys review all investigations of discrimination complaints to assure the strict adherence to all applicable EEO laws and regulations.

Renee Baker-Harris

Renee Baker-Harris (Office Manager, Accounting and Case Control) organizes and records final investigations for all federal agencies according to HECAPS Guidelines upon completion of investigations. Renee has been involved in civil rights case processing and case control for over 30 years. She sees that each case is finalized in accordance with MD 110. She has trained EEO Network staff as well as some federal agency staff on the HECAPS Guidelines/Process.


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